Rug care

Posted by HO XIAO YIN

You have now purchased or looking to purchase a new rug for your home.
Caring for your rug is easy with these tips on cleaning and maintenance. 
A beautiful rug deserved to be looked after!
Noticed slight shedding within the first month of use?
It is a natural sight as not all fibres are fully secured in the process of making.
Shedding should stop after 3 weeks to a month - depending on the properties of the rug.
To expedite the shedding, vacuum it regularly. 
Fixing stain
When you noticed a stain, spot clean it immediately with water and detergent using a soft bristle brush!
Let it air dry after the spot cleaning.

For daily cleaning, you may use the vacuum lightly with the beater bar off. This would help lift any grit and dust.

We also have clients who like to use Febreeze to freshen up the rug weekly.

For thorough cleaning, you may engage professional service such as steam cleaning or send it to dry cleaners who does rug cleaning. Most of our customers do this annually to revitalise their rugs.


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