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Preferred furniture partner for Singapore's
leading womenswear brand - Her Velvet Vase
Products featured: Dining chairs
Keira dining table featured on Daphne Wee's Instagram
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Product feature: Keira dining table 
Product feature on Melissa Celestine Koh's YouTube channel.
Products featured:
Art feature on Jamie Yeo's Instagram:
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Product featured: Modern minimalist art set
The ultimate list of 67 online furniture shops in Singapore for the house-proud
"COMO décor’s range of furnishing that not only embodies contemporary design, but also allows the owner to take the reins and customise.
Whether it is sizes, colour, or storage options, COMO décor has got you covered in crafting pieces that are uniquely yours."
Guide to where to find home decorative accents and accessories on DC edit.
"The good thing about the wall art from Como Décor is that they come in various sizes, so you can find one that fits your space perfectly, the wall art will also help set the tone!" 
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